Tree maintenance is an essential task that most homeowners often overlook. Ignoring this can be severe and may lead to property damage, personal injury, or other traumatic accident, even death. Deaths caused by trees are not something you hear or see every day, but they happen frequently. There are 318 billion trees in Canada, and 1 of 20 million Canadians has chances to be killed by a fallen tree. According to an ECC report, over 2K families file property damage claims by fallen trees in Canada. Also, the number of casualties due to the fallen trees is not low. If you are worried about the overgrown root of a tree in your property in Windsor, you can consider hiring us for Tree Removal Windsor Ontario.

As a professional tree service Windsor, we specialize in crown cleaning, removing dead trees, and stump grinding. We have professionally-trained experts who have the best tools and techniques to offer safe tree removal Windsor Ontario. Call us to hire tree service experts.


Large Tree Removal Windsor Ontario

Whether dead or alive, small or large, Tree Service Windsor is a professional tree removal Windsor Ontario company. We have advanced tools and techniques to remove damaged or dangerous trees from residential, commercial, and government properties. When you call our experts for tree removal Windsor Ontario, we will explain precisely how we will perform the job. In case of removing a 100 mt high tree, we have specialized tools such as cranes, lifts, and climbing gears. Our team takes all the necessary precautions and abides by the tree regulations in the city of Windsor. If you think a tree in your property or neighborhood is overgrowing and might invite a big accident, call us today with the best tree removal Windsor Ontario.

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Tree Service Windsor Really Cares About Trees!

Our mission is to help you maintain beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs and develop an impressive outdoor environment that everyone loves. We love trees more than anything that’s why we avoid unnecessary tree removal in Windsor Ontario. When you call us for Tree Removal in Windsor Ontario, we will evaluate the situation and check if the tree needs trimming or removing completely.

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When Should You Call For Tree Removal Windsor Ontario?

Damage, disease, or safety concerns are a significant reason to call for tree removal Windsor Ontario. That’s where Tree Service Windsor can help you with quick, safe, and affordable tree removal services. Look for these signs to call for tree removal Windsor Ontario:

  • Heaving soil at the bottom of the trunk
  • Decay-producing fungi, including mushrooms
  • Chipped barks in the trunk
  • Cavity in the trunk or large branches
  • Dead or hanging branches in the crown

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Property damages or fatal accidents due to fallen trees can be really expensive. You can call us today for quick tree removal in Windsor Ontario.