Trees are beautiful and contribute to the green world around us. Most homeowners appreciate their trees and take all possible actions to keep their trees green & healthy. But, some people overlook the regular maintenance of trees and end up having dead or diseased trees. The automotive capital of Canada, the city of Windsor is known for its parks and lush green atmosphere. It adopted an environment master plan in 2005 that focused on balancing the environment with Windsor’s economy and social atmosphere. If you have dead, diseased, damaged, trees at your property or in your neighborhood, you can consider Tree Removal Windsor.

Tree Service Windsor offers comprehensive tree removal services, including proper tree maintenance that minimizes the chances of storm damage to your property and helps you have a beautiful, impressive yard. We are a fully licensed company, abiding by the tree care regulations in Canada and having expertise in all types of tree removal Windsor. If you like your yard green, safe, and well maintained, our tree removal services can help you. Schedule a visit in minutes. Start by requesting free online quotes


We Specialize in Commercial & Residential Tree Removal

Over the years, we have been offering first-class tree removal Windsor and have extensive knowledge of various tree species and their issues. We believe that every landscape is unique, and so it’s yard and trees on it. Thus, we take a custom approach every time you call us for tree removal Windsor. Whether you need tree removal at your home or commercial land, we have specialized tools to ensure safe & quick completion. Being an ISA-certified tree removal company, we will evaluate tree biology to check whether it is rare or common. Our experts are aware of local environmental laws and codes and never perform unnecessary tree removal.

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Get Fully Licensed Tree Removal Windsor

We are a licensed tree removal Windsor and our experts are aware of all the local laws and environmental codes. When you decide to hire us for quick tree removal services, we explain the process and assure you that everything will go legally in the most environment-friendly way. As part of our job, our tree removal expert measures the health of trees and checks if there is any way other than removal. If removal is the only way to prevent accidents caused by a falling tree, our well-equipped team is ready to remove trees of all sizes.

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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

The average cost of tree removal Windsor can range anywhere between $150 to $1,500. However, it may vary depending on the location of the tree, its species, and size. If it is a large tree and the roots are deep down to 100 square ft, the cost of tree removal might fluctuate. When you call Tree Service Windsor, we ensure you the most affordable tree removal Windsor. You can request free online estimation here.

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