When branches grow too long and hit a structure or trees simply are no longer healthy, trees can obstruct construction or harm buildings. That’s when you need professional help from a certified company providing tree removal services, Windsor, CA

Tree Service Windsor has been serving Windsor and the surrounding areas for years with a staff of ISA-certified arborists and professional tree care specialists. We have the skills and equipment to meet and surpass all of your needs and expectations, from tree upkeep to complete removals.

We at Tree Service Windsor specialize in tree removal, stump grinding, and various other services. We are committed to offering high-quality tree care to the community. Please contact us for free quotes on tree assessment and professional advice.


Residential and commercial tree service

Without the proper care, lack of water, or any tree diseases and pest infestations, trees become dry and brittle as they grow older. A strong wind can bring a tree into your living room or onto your commercial property. When this is the case, it is recommended to hire a professional and certified tree removal company to handle the removal efficiently and on time.

We at the Tree Service Windsor provide excellent service and a comprehensive range of tree care and removal services to residential and commercial customers in Windsor CA, and nearby communities. Tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding, and pre-construction site cleaning are some of our expert domains.

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Best tree services in Windsor CA

Removing trees from the urban and suburban landscapes is a complex job. Trees in urban settings can be dangerous to people if they are dying or not properly cared for. When it comes to removing smaller trees, certified arborists aren’t always necessary, but skill is always required! When it comes to large trees, you’ll need a highly trained professional to assure your property’s safety and that of anyone in the general area of the tree needing to be removed.

Our arborists are not just qualified and professional but have all of the necessary expertise in tree removal without damage to your property. Through our superior services, we have distinguished ourselves from our competitors.

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How expensive is it to remove a tree?

The average cost of cutting down a tree depends on the size of the tree and the difficulty of the work. There are several unknown variables to consider while removing a tree. The effort and expenses vary depending on the tree’s condition and how it will respond to being removed.  

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